Ok - so you have your own email already - but this is special. Your own FREE secret email address which can be accessed from any machine in the world.

Its free for the asking - all we ask is that we can send you a couple of emails every now and again, to tell you about forthcoming event. We will never divulge your naughty email address to any other person. In every other way it is like any other email for you to use as you wish.

Sorry, but to accept this offer you must be over 18.

We need this information in case of a problem. It will never be passed to any third party, nor will we use it for any other purpose
This will be your new naughty email if the name is unavailable we will write to you .

Your new password
This is the password for your Naughty Emails address. We will delete this from our records once it has been coded. If you forget it, we willl issue a new one.

By submitting this request, you confirm that you are over eighteen years of age and that you are happy to receive emails about adult activity.